Pavement Lickers 2018 : Helium London x Pavement Lickers Event : 32 Portland Place, London : 4 Oct 2018
21st National Open Art Exhibition, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London : Group Exhibition 17 – 26 Nov 2017
Limbo, Margate : Group Exhibition ‘Fill me up’ 27 – 29 Oct 2017
Lovelys Gallery, Margate : Open Exhibition 6 Aug – 3 Sept 2016
Celeste Prize 2016 : Longlisted for drawing ‘Keep Sweet’
Whitstable Biennale Satellite : Solo Exhibition ‘Capital’ 4-12 June 2016
Artists & Illustrators : Shortlisted for Portrait Artist of the Year 2014


Represented by Central Illustration Agency.


Patrick Morales-Lee graduated in 1998 from Plymouth University alongside friends Antony Micallef and Henrik Simonsen. He lives and works by the sea in Kent as an artist and illustrator.

Morales-Lee most notable commissions have been Faberge, Channel 5, Bentley and ITV.  He also recently exhibited a piece in Pavement Lickers 2018, alongside artists, including Antony Gormley, Karl Bielik, Will Martyr, VHILS and FAILE.

His work, be it his illustration or fine art pieces, are produced in pencil and charcoal – the medium lends itself perfectly to creating something different.  His work looks to produce a feeling, an emotion to capture the sense of the subject, to add layers and narrative to the piece. His technique consists of using chemical spray with the charcoal to bring an uncontrollable factor to each piece, the hope being that only from willing to risk losing the drawing can you produce something of substance. 

Away from illustration, his artwork is very personal to him and deals with the idea and sense of identity. From being fostered at the age of three, Patrick was constantly aware of his surroundings and the need to fit in growing up. Looking back, he recognises those feelings as universal and his work looks to explore the ‘human condition’, specifically what makes people do what they do to have a sense of belonging – from the everyday to the extreme.

“From the schoolyard to being an adult, we constantly look to define ourselves by trying to fit into a group. Aspiring to be one of the ‘cool kids’, aligning yourself with a religious faith or football team, fashion, music, brands and celebrities: the sense of being in a tribe is all around us”.

The work looks to showcase snapshot scenarios – a soft narrative to a given situation or process. These scenarios could be, on the one hand, unsettling or odd, but to others comforting and familiar. The fundamental question is, what are people willing to do and who will they follow in order to feel like they belong?

If you are interested in buying a piece, commissioning an illustration or just like to meet for a coffee, please get in touch hello@studiomorales.co.uk

Email: hello@studiomorales.co.uk
Contact: Limbo Studios, Margate